HRB, HUB-700 Android


The World’s best commercial fitness bike with high durability spare parts. The bike has dual Bluetooth function for wireless headphone and heart rate monitoring device by Android OS. Easy touch control by 15” capacitive touch screen and various internet applications are available.



Good Design Awarded four times from Korean Government
The 11th Grand Award of Korean Sports Industry in 2015

  • 수상 #1
  • 수상 #2
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Media and Sponsor

Due to its luxurious and beautiful design, HERA treadmill was aired in various TV medias
(CF, Music Video, TV Drama) with famous entertainers.

  • SKT 당신의 번호는 무엇입니까? / 모델 : 정우성
    SKT CF / Model : Jeong Woo-sung
  • JTBC 드라마 '맨투맨' / 협찬 모델 : 박해진
    JTBC Drama / ‘MAN X MAN’
  • SBS 드라마 '별에서온그대' 협찬 #1 SBS 드라마 '별에서온그대' 협찬 #2
    SBS Drama / ‘My Love from the Star’
  • LG디오스 CF 협찬 / 모델 : 김희애
    LG DIOS CF / Model : Kim Hee-Ae
  • Xi 아파트 CF 협찬 #1 Xi 아파트 CF 협찬 #2
    XI CF / Model : Lee Young-Ae
  • SBS 드라마 '미세스캅2' 협찬 #2
    SBS Drama / ‘Mrs.Cop’
  • SKT CF 협찬 / 모델 : 원빈
    SKT CF / Model : Won Bin
  • 손담비 'Bad Boy' 뮤직비디오 협찬
    Music Video 'Bad Boy' : Son Dam-bi

Major Delivery Site

In consideration of Design, Quality, Price and Service, Best Selection for Health Equipment is Health One

  • 수원 CJ 통합연구소
    CJ Entertainment
  • 그랜드 인터컨티넨탈 코엑스점
    Grand Intercontinental
  • 코오롱 스포렉스 영등포 타임스퀘어점
    Kolon Sporex Time Square World Gym Yeouido Club
  • 제임스짐 잠실 우성아파트점
    James GYM Wooseong APT
  • 자마이카 휘트니스 화곡점
  • 건강보험공단 광주점
    National Health Insurance Service

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